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NACADA Award Winners

The Academic Advisement Center is pleased to announce that Scott Handley has been awarded Certificate of Merit of the Outstanding Advising Award - Primary Advising Role, and Joshua Smith has been awarded Winner of the Outstanding Advising Award - Faculty Academic Advising for NACADA. Please join us in congratulating these two advisors!

Advising Workshops

Our next workshop is our Advising Basics and  Master Advisor Workshops on May 19th and 20th in Karls Hall. You can find out more information and register for the workshop here

Have You Seen this Major?

Why pursue Entertainment Management at Missouri State?

Entertainment Management is a broad degree with a background in business and many opportunities for gaining experience. Watch our interview with Andrea to find out more!

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Featured Advisor

Have you wanted to learn more about the Provost's Academic Advising Council? Are you a student and would like to meet one of our faculty or staff advisors? The Academic Advisement Center will be interviewing members of our Provost's Academic Advising Council and featuring them here! Meet Dr. Tom Tomasi,  Associate Dean of the Graduate College, and hear about Missouri State's best kept secret! To see our previously featured advisors, click here.

Andrea Taylor, Entertainment Management

Dr. Tom Tomasi, Associate Dean, Graduate College

Missouri State University Advising Mission Statement, Adopted December 2009

Academic advisors at Missouri State University provide academic and professional guidance as students develop meaningful educational plans in pursuit of their life goals. Advisors provide students with information about coursework, University policies and procedures, the Public Affairs mission, and career options and opportunities. They require student participation in the decision-making process, help students become lifelong learners, and encourage self-reliant problem solving through exploration of students’ own interests and values. Advisors support students as they seek the best possible education at Missouri State University.

Services Offered by the Academic Advisement Center to the Campus Community:
  • Provide one-on-one academic advisement for all new, continuing and transfer students with undeclared/exploratory majors.
  • Make available programs, such as the Majors Fair, to benefit students as they explore majors.
  • Supply outreach activities such as presentations for SOAR, GEP 101 classes, and workshops for conditionally admitted students.
  • Implement the Master Advisor Program.