How to Find Your Advisor

General Information or Undeclared/Exploratory Majors

Academic Advisement Center
UNVH 109
Phone: 417-836-5258
Kathy Davis, Director
Gail Fritz, Administrative Assistant
Adult and Evening College Students (Evening Student = over 50% of courses in evening; Adult Student = over 22 and/or married and/or has children) Adult Student Services
Kenneth E Meyer Alumni Center Ste 400
Phone: 417-836-6929
Jonathan Talley, Director
Karen Copeland, Administrative Assistant
Athletes Achievement Center for Intercollegiate Athletics
FORA 239
Phone: 417-836-6829
Joan Newman, Administrative Assistant

Business Majors

College of Business Advisement Center
GLAS 106
Phone: 417-836-5386
Sandra Culver, Director
Peggy Piekarski, Administrative Assistant
Communication Sciences and Disorders Communication Sciences and Disorders Dept.
PROF 237
Phone: 417-836-5368
Neil DiSarno, Department Head and Honors Advisor
Marcia Ratcliff, Academic Advisor 
Cathy Hall, Administrative Assistant
Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, and Special  Education Majors

Professional Education Advisement Center
HILL 202
Phone: 417-836-5429
Stephanie Marinec, Coordinator
Judy Pickering, Academic Advisor

Juli Panza, Academic Advisor
Shelly Cain, Administrative Assistant

Honors College

Honors College
UNVH 212
Phone: 417-836-6370
Scott Handley, Assistant Director

Hospitality and Restaurant Admin. Majors Hospitality and Restaurant Admin. Program
PROF 440
Phone: 417-836-4409
Melissa Dallas, Department Head
Karen Callahan, Academic Advisor
Tricia Yarckow,  Administrative Assistant
Individualized Majors Academic Assistance
UNVH 122
Phone: 417-836-5034
Lori Roessler, Executive Assistant
Nursing Majors

Nursing Department
PROF 300
Phone: 417-836-5310
Kathryn Hope, Director

Melissa Price, Academic Advisor
Gay Carson and Nancy Horeis, Administrative Assistants

Psychology Majors Psychology Advisement Center
Phone: 417-836-6841
Tracie Burt, Academic Advisor, Coordinator
Teacher Certification Requirements (for students with bachelors degrees) Teacher Certification Office
HILL 200
Phone: 417-836-8772
Scott Fiedler, Director of Student Services, College of Education
Jennifer Jensen, Teacher Certification Assistant
All other majors Contact dept.