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Most fun thing to do on the weekends

The weekends were always an adventure because I never knew what was going to happen, but as long as I was with my friends it really didn't matter. We did everything. Playing sports outdoors, making trips to Table Rock Lake, or just hanging around campus. The weekend means no work and time to play!

Favorite place to eat in Springfield

When I think of food places that I love to visit I am torn between two different places. The first place is Triple 8's which is a Chinese restaurant located on Kansas Expressway and Sunshine. They have the best food in town at an unbelievable price. The second place is a little hole in the wall downtown "Chicago Cheesesteak Company." Don't judge this place by the outside appearance because the food is amazing!

Why Missouri State

When people ask me this question I always respond with "Why not MSU?" In my personal opinion I truly believe that this is the best University in the Midwest and one of the best in the country; great people, amazing campus, professors that care, and opportunities behind every corner. Missouri State gives you a place that you can call home, so "why not MSU."

Favorite thing about Missouri State

My favorite thing about Missouri State is that it gives you the best of both worlds. It is a big University with a small college feel at the same time. The campus is very easy to navigate around and small enough that you can walk to entire campus in no time.

Something you wish you had known before going to college

Something that I wish I would have known before college and actually did is the importance of studying abroad. I only have one regret from college and this is it. We live in a global society and having a chance to go to another country and learn a different culture is a priceless experience. College is about growing as an individual and I feel that going abroad is one of the best ways to do so.