College Level Exam Program

Missouri State will grant credit for the CLEP subject exams listed in the table below.

How credit is granted

Subject ExaminationScore Needed to Receive CreditMissouri State Course EquivalentSemester HoursRemarks
American Government 47 PLS 101 3 Students must take PLS 103 (one credit hour) to meet Senate bill #4 requirement
American Literature 50 (3 credits of ENG electives) 3  
College Composition 50 ENG 110 3  
Principles of Macroeconomics 50 ECO 155 3  
Principles of Microeconomics 50 ECO 165 3  
Survey of History of
U.S. I to 1877
54 HST 121 3  
Survey of History of
U.S. II Since 1865
54 HST 122 3  

How to take a CLEP exam

A CLEP subject exam is usually given through a local testing center, which MSU serves as.

For further information, contact the Testing Center in Meyer Library. Visit the Testing Center website for a complete list of test dates and registration information.

Getting your CLEP score

You can request that your scores be sent directly to MSU at the time you take the exam.

You can also order a CLEP transcript after the fact by contacting:

College Level Examination Program
PO Box 6600
Princeton, NJ  08541-9558
Fax: 610-628-3726