Missouri State University

Academic Monitoring & Eligibility

Once a student-athlete has gone through the initial eligibility standards and been accepted at an institution, the next step is continuous eligibility.  At Missouri State, the compliance office and The Achievement Center work together to monitor a student-athlete's eligibility.  There are many different areas of eligibility including financial aid, academics, etc...  The Achievement Center is concerned mostly with the satisfactory progress and continuous eligibility standards.  Each student-athlete is subject to making progress toward a degree.  Our staff spends a majority of its time working toward this goal. 

The presidents of member institutions have set up standards that each student-athlete must comply with on a yearly basis.  The NCAA is responsible for monitoring each institution's compliance with these standards.  Each student must make progress in each of three areas: hours passed each year (24 hour rule), grade point average (90/95/100 rule) and percentage of degree completion (40/60/80 rule).  The current versions of these rules apply to anyone who enters college on a full-time basis after Fall 2003.

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