Missouri State University

Advising & Registration



Another aspect of The Achievement Center is academic advising.  Achievement Center staff has completed workshops on advisement requirements and are certified as Master Advisors.  Their knowledge is then passed to each staff member that works with a team. 


Our staff works mostly with the freshmen and sophomores on general education.   Each student must complete between 45-50 hours of general education classes.   Student-athletes are advised to work on these classes while they decide on a major.   Once a student declares a major, an advisor within that department is assigned.  It is better to have the departments advise each major rather than our staff trying to memorize each requirement. 

After a student-athletes have worked with their departmental advisors, we work with the student-athletes to make sure their class schedules will fit with other obligations:  practice, games, travel, etc...  As soon as the S-A has decided on classes that will count toward his/her major, and determined that the times will work with all obligations, we can then register the S-A at The Achievement Center. 


Priority Registration


All S-A's get a one day priority over their academic class.   For example, if a sophomore wants to register, they can start registering one day prior to the sophomores of the general student body.  Student-athletes must register at The Achievement Center or through the online registration system on campus. 

This is a great advantage not only for the S-A, but for The Achievement Center staff as well.  The S-A's get priority and the staff can monitor any problems that may occur with scheduling.