Requirements for Minor

Requirements for completing the African American Studies Minor

The Minor on African American Studies (AAS) at Missouri State University consists of eighteen (18) credit hours including the courses listed below. Please note:

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AAS 100 Introduction to African American Studies (3), F,S


HST 331 African American History I

HST 332 African American History II

Pan-African Background & Perspectives

ANT 330 Peoples and Cultures*

ANT 331 Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean

ANT 332 Peoples and Cultures of Africa 

ANT 490 Field Experience in Anthropology 

ENG 363 Introduction of African Literature

GRY 507 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

HST 323 Women in Africa

HST 335 African Civilization

PLS 550  African Politics


ART 273  Survey of Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas

ART 488 Basic Conventions of Art and Artifacts* 

ENG 355 African American Literature

ENG 455 African American Literature

REL 365  Life and thought of Martin Luther King Jr.

CRM 415 Crime, Class, Race, and Justice

HST 531 African American Leaders/Movements

REL 345 African American Religious Experience

SOC 336 Race & Ethnic Group Relations

SWK 219 Human Diversity

*when applicable