Mission Statement

The Mission of the African American Studies Minor

The mission of the African American Studies (AAS) Program is to provide students with a multidisciplinary, multi-departmental perspective on the history, ideas, values and cultural expressions of African Americans.

The African American Studies Minor parallels a growing corpus of research which crosses traditional academic disciplines. African American Studies builds not only on the social sciences, but also on the liberal arts and is applicable to the professions of education, business and medicine. Moreover, students will enhance their abilities to become informed, productive citizens.

In harmony with the university's statewide mission in Public Affairs, the minor is designed "to provide quality instruction, to further research and scholarly inquiry, and to provide service." Furthermore, the minor will directly assist the university in enabling its students to acquire "knowledge and understanding of social multicultural, natural and technological environments, as well as an understanding of ethical principles, aesthetic values, and personal well-being." The minor also will assist the university in fulfilling its "responsibility to educate and serve in the context of a global environment and to promote among students and faculty (an international awareness." (See "University Mission".)