Test Dates and Locations

Tests are scheduled by appointment only and are scheduled for two-hour sessions. IMPORTANT  NOTE: As of June 2017, the Testing Center at Missouri State University is now a fully-funded DSST center. What this means is that military members and their spouses do NOT have to pay a sitting fee to take DSST exams at the Testing Center. 


Pre-registration is required for all DANTES/DSST exams. Registration is a multiple-step process:

Step 1: Contact DSST and pay for your exam if required. Military members and their spouses typically do not have to pay for exams, but still must arrange for their exam to be delivered through DSST. 

Step 2: Request an exam date and time through our online form.  

  • Candidates should enter "DSST" and the name of the exam (such as Chemistry) in the "Class Name" field. 
  • Candidates should enter "N/A" for both Instructor Name and Instructor Email Address fields. 
  • Candidates should enter the school they plan to attend in the "School" field. 
  • Candidates must receive an email confirmation of their exam date and time before proceeding to Step 3. 

Step 3: Appear for your exam, and pay the DANTES/DSST test fee of $80, payable by debit/credit card only. EXCEPTION: Military members and their spouses do not have to pay this fee. Be prepared to show your military ID if requested. 

Test Results

Visit the FAQ section of the DSST website to see how you can access the results of your test.


Contact DANTES/DSST to request accommodations.


Contact the Testing Center at (417) 836-6417 if you have any questions.