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Nii Kpakpo Abrahams

Nii Kpakpo Abrahams

“Nii is particularly passionate about broadening his understanding of ethical leadership through his scholarship and practical application.”

Citizen scholar leaves his mark on campus, community

Nii Abrahams has become a prominent figure at Missouri State University by simply doing what he loves: being a leader.

Missouri State’s Board of Governors recently recognized Abrahams with the Citizen Scholar award. Joseph Morris, director of student orientation, advisement and registration (SOAR), nominated Abrahams for the award.

“Nii is particularly passionate about broadening his understanding of ethical leadership through his scholarship and practical application,” said Morris.

As an active member of campus organizations such as Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and Student Activities Council, Abrahams is also a board member and volunteer for the non-profit fundraising organization Missouri Leadership Seminar (MLS). MLS provides leadership discovery experiences for selected Missouri high school sophomores, where they learn their strengths and leadership potential.

“For me, being a leader means displaying passion about the university in many different ways, such as being involved on and off campus,” said Abrahams. “Being out in the community and having the chance to display the public affairs mission of community engagement has been really important to me.”

As active as Abrahams is within the community and on campus, he can recall one of his favorite service activities.

“Back in 2012, I was able to be a site leader for Missouri State’s Martin Luther King Service Day,” Abrahams said. “I got the chance to work with my Chi Alpha fraternity brothers along with 15 other people that I didn’t know. I got the amazing opportunity to connect with new people while helping out the community.”

Those unexpected connections are what Abrahams attributes as one of the most important ways Missouri State has helped him develop into a pillar of the community and campus.

“Missouri State has provided an avenue for me to meet new people and take advantage of great opportunities that have helped me to develop into the person I am today.”

Upon graduating in May 2014, Abrahams plans to begin graduate school at Missouri State while hoping to get the chance to student teach in the communication department, join staff of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries and maybe even own a business one day.

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