Missouri State University
David Schneider

David Schneider

  • Major: Nursing
  • Hometown: Rockford, Illinois

Student body president: Illinois native with passion for nursing

Great tuition value, an academic scholarship and a weekend tour; that was all it took for Rockford, Ill., native David Schneider to come to Missouri State University.

Little did Schneider know he would become the student body president and find a passion for nursing.

“When I first came here, nursing was in my mind, but it was on the back burner. I started out as a pre-physical therapy and biology major. At the end of my freshman year, though, I took up an interest in nursing and decided to pursue that major instead,” said Schneider. 

Once Schneider was accepted into the program, the faculty members who helped him to complete his program of study impressed him. “The professors are fantastic. They are completely devoted to the success of all the students in the program, and they do all they can to make sure you succeed and graduate,” said Schneider.

The plan after graduation? “I hope to work as a nurse in the emergency room for five to 10 years, and then I have some type of ambition to do something in administration or political policy with health care.”

Campus Involvement

Outside of his program, Schneider found a passion for campus life and became a student leader.  “This is my senior year, so SGA is my primary organization, but I was part of the Residence Hall Association, Dance-Bear-A-Thon, Students for a Sustainable Future, Campus Crusade…” the list goes on and on for Schneider. Intramurals have also played into the student body president’s busy schedule.

And being away from his hometown of Rockford hasn’t proved to be an obstacle for Schneider. “I stay in touch through social media, mainly. Phone calls, text messages, whatever. There are plenty of ways of staying connected to home. But campus life can be so consuming that sometimes I forget to call home,” admitted Schneider.

Student body president is a pretty consuming title in of itself. Schneider started in Student Government Association (SGA) during his sophomore year while he was living in Scholar’s House. “The VP of SGA asked me to be on the sustainability commission as a student representative. So I did, and then after awhile I took the student governor’s place, and now I’m the president.”


“Describing the student body; we’re diverse. I don’t know what people’s general perspective of Missouri is, but for our size of institution, we have an incredibly diverse population that’s ever increasing. Not only that, but all the students are warm and welcoming and make you feel at home,” said Schneider.

So while Schneider isn’t heading new student convocation or holding a senate meeting, you can find him on campus by the fountains or hanging out at Grad School grabbing a burger. “The great thing about the Springfield community is that it offers so much for people who wish to stay in the area. We’re a really rich environment with a lot of potential.”

And Schneider hopes more students from Illinois will join the Missouri State University student body and continue to add to the diversity.

“It’s not that far away, you can still make it home if you need to. And this school is a great investment for Illinois students; it’s a lot cheaper. And you get not only the opportunity to receive a great education, but a very affordable one, too.”