Missouri State University
Chase Bartels

Chase Bartels

  • President, CHASE-LA
  • Burbank, Calif.
  • BA, Entertainment Management, Missouri State

From Missouri State to Hollywood

Chase Bartels has always had a passion for entertaining others.

Throughout her high school years as a cheerleader, thespian, dancer, and singer there was a good chance you'd find her performing on any given night. As much as Bartels loved the spotlight, it was the ability to recognize her peer's talents that changed her desires from competing for the stage to producing for it.

"One day, I found myself resigning from an audition because I knew the girl before me was meant for the role. It had become more about the art, than my desire to be a star. As I was graduating, I found myself asking, 'How can I take my passion for entertainment and turn it into a career?' When I learned of MSU's Entertainment Management Program, I knew it was where I needed to be."

Bartels quickly got involved with the Entertainment Management Association on campus during its first years of existence, and by her senior year, she was able to give back as it's vice president. "I realized, the more involved I became, the more insight and perspective I gained into the industry. The EMA students are exposed to behind-the-scenes industry information through trips to Nashville's music production houses, St. Louis' sports arenas and convention halls, and Branson's famous theaters and theme parks. Today, EMA has expanded these trips to include Los Angeles, New York, and more."

One of her fondest times at Missouri State was coordinating with activities and entertainment lineup for the University's Homecoming Week events. "It was a great chance to showcase everything I had learned in a way that benefited the university's alumni and current students. Not to mention, it was a lot of fun!"

Coursework laid out by the College of Business Administration played a crucial role in Bartels' overall success. "The head of our program, Dr. [Philip] Rothschild, always encouraged us to know the latest trends and the obstacles that the entertainment industry was facing. Through student written and published weekly articles about the industry, we were able to master the comprehensive thinking and dialogue needed to succeed outside of the classroom."

Bartels found the faculty to be one of the most unique aspects of her time at Missouri State. "The professors there are so passionate about their topics and dedicated to connecting with their students that you feel very supported. Even now as an alumna, Dr. Rothschild continues to be a great source of knowledge, resources and friendship. The knowledge I was taught at MSU has not failed me and it's exciting to watch my fellow EM graduates finding success in their specific entertainment fields."

The skills Bartels gained at Missouri State have enabled her to take chances and pursue her dreams of entertaining others. For the past 10 years, Bartels has been successfully launching careers in Hollywood. Writers who have been under her professional guidance are currently working on over 35 of today's highest rated TV shows.

"I am proud that I took the risk to move out to Hollywood," she said. "I began my career in the William Morris Agency mailroom and steered it into a creative position within Warner Bros. Television. I was able to grow and succeed within Hollywood and I am passionate about sharing my path with others."

Now through her company CHASE-LA, Bartels equips Hollywood hopefuls with the business and creative knowledge normally gained through years of experience. When she is not developing careers, Bartels is producing original pilots with Gross Entertainment Productions for ABC, ABC Studios, MTV and Lifetime.