Missouri State University
Sarah Davidson

Sarah Davidson

  • Human Resources Manager, Roeslein & Associates, Inc.
  • St. Louis, Mo.,
  • BS in Management

A place for the student seeking opportunity

Trying to decide between law and education, Sarah Davidson came to Missouri State and discovered a way to do both: human resource management.

Her decision to come to Missouri State came down to its programs. "The College of Business was - and I think it still is - number one in the state. I knew that I was graduating from the best of the best. They're great at helping students to be as successful as possible, like helping them find internships."

Davidson's passion for human resources began at Missouri State as a caller for the alumni phone campaign. After two semesters there, she was promoted to team leader where she first got exposed to the world of human resources.

"I was able to create my team. I was doing the interviews; I picked the people; I trained them and sometimes I had to terminate them, which is never a good experience for anyone. Even so, it was challenging and creative and I really liked that."

"I was originally thinking about pre-law or education and human resources allowed me to do a bit of both," Davidson said. "I get to work with people every day, but I also love the strategic planning of, 'What can I do to make the organization?' It's really enjoyable."

During Davidson's senior year she had an internship with John Deere and after graduating from Missouri State, she found human resources positions at KY3, SRC, and Environmental Works. She now lives in St. Louis with her husband and 16-month-old daughter.

"I've worked really hard since I started as an intern in human resources. I've given my career so much of my time and effort and I 100 percent believe that all of that paid off. I have a great job with a company that I love to work for and I don't think a lot of people get to say that."

For Davidson, the best part of working in human resources is seeing the results of her work. "I get to see my work happen in real time and I love when I can help an organization solve a problem."

"I took advantage of every opportunity that came my way," she said. "I wanted to be prepared for the future and I absolutely think it helped me build my confidence, learn how to network and work with professionals. Missouri State helped me to become a success."