Missouri State University
Fadi Najem, AuD, PhD, CCC-A

Fadi Najem, AuD, PhD, CCC-A

  • Assistant Professor, Amman National University
  • Amman, Jordan
  • AuD, Missouri State University
  • PhD, University of Kansas

Audiology alum has passion for addressing needs internationally

Fadi Najem dreams of developing better audiology centers in the Middle East. 

Fadi Najem, an alumnus of the doctor of audiology program, came to Missouri State from Amman, Jordan to research and learn how to better serve people with audiological disorders.

“There is an increased need for audiologists all over the world especially with the development of better hearing solutions and better diagnostic equipment,” said Najem. “Unfortunately, only a small percentage of hearing impaired patients who can benefit from hearing solutions actually pursue the amplification technology they need.”

While at Missouri State, Najem found that audiologists are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for persons with communication disorders. Sometimes, they even work with those in the earliest stages of life.

“Perhaps children are the most critical patients for audiologists due to the complexity of testing as well as the essential need for children to develop language,” said Najem. “With the development of the newborn hearing screening, and the impressive development in hearing aids and cochlear implants technology, audiologists can help children at a very early age.”

Audiologists provide proper hearing loss diagnostics, hearing solutions and technology that can help those patients restore their ability of hearing, and aural rehabilitation, he noted, which enhances effective communication in patients.

For Najem, his AuD degree from Missouri State is his most valuable tool. It opens the door to serving patients, people, and the community.

“I chose audiology because there is a growing need for this profession, and I think I can make a difference,” said Najem. “I always think about how to maximize my efforts to help more people, especially in the Middle East where there is a severe lack of audiologists.”

Najem earned his PhD at the University of Kansas and is returning to the Middle East to teach and do research at the university while opening a private practice. He is currently working to start a franchise company in the Middle East specialized in establishing hearing centers and provides the training, marketing, labs, managerial and clinical systems, and other services needed for audiology clinics. For more information, visit www.optitones.com.