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Amber Carr

Amber Carr

  • Major: Broadcasting
  • High School: West Plains High School
  • Hometown: West Plains, Mo.
  • Transferred from: Missouri State University-West Plains
  • Associate's degree: Associate of Arts in General Studies

Amber Carr, who transferred from MSU-West Plains, has found passionate professors, friendly students and lots of opportunities on the Springfield campus.

Transfer student on MSU: 'I just love the people and the atmosphere here'

Activities and honors: One of six students chosen for a 2012 Citizen Scholar Award, one of the highest honors at Missouri State; awarded due to her volunteer work, academic performance and leadership

Why did you choose to transfer to the Springfield campus?

I wanted to continue with Missouri State after being really involved on the West Plains campus. And my mom works for MSU-West Plains, so I wanted to stay connected to this system!

How hard or easy was it to transfer your credits?

It wasn’t difficult at all. Everyone in the process was nice, helpful and everything went smoothly. My whole associate’s degree transferred.

What has been your favorite part of transferring to the Springfield campus?

Getting to take classes that are specific to my degree in broadcast journalism. At West Plains I took my requirements, and here I am taking classes for my major.

I also think the Springfield campus is just absolutely beautiful. There’s a lot of computer labs you have access to, which is helpful — I didn’t know there would be that many labs! We definitely use them in my film production class for editing, and I use them when I work on assignments in my free time.

In addition, I like the opportunities Springfield has as a bigger city. I am hoping to do an internship at a television station. I would love to go along with the news people on stories.

Do you think transferring here was a good financial deal?

Yes! I got the Phi Theta Kappa scholarship for transfer students, so that helps pay for a big bulk of my tuition. It was easy to get info on financial aid before I came here. I would get emails about different scholarships that were available to transfers, and I had a booklet about financial aid.

What are some of your favorite things to do on campus?

I like the student productions in Coger Theatre in Craig Hall. I recently saw “Sweeney Todd” there and it was very good.

I also like to meet up at the library with my study groups. It’s just a laid-back atmosphere that keeps us on track but also makes us comfortable.

What do you think of your professors and advisor?

Oh, I love them. I have not had a single professor I have not liked. For my broadcast performance class, I had a professor who is also a local news reporter. She does this every day, so she is able to tell us about what the job is really like. I have had other professors like that as well — they have done this work in the real world. That is so helpful.

All of my professors have been just awesome! You can tell they are passionate. They have just really made us think about concepts that most of the time you wouldn’t think about.

My advisor is wonderful too. He has really made sure I am on track and made it clear what I need to do and what type of credits I need.

What is the coolest project you have done for a class?

In my film production class we did three film projects, some individual and some in a group. My individual one was about a giraffe in a park because I have a six-foot-tall inflatable giraffe and I wanted to incorporate it! And for Halloween, we did — this sounds awful! — a killer baby who went on a rampage because its parents took its pacifier away. And recently we did a music video for one of the guys in our class who had written a song. A bunch of people from different majors collaborated on that project. That was really fun.

How hard or easy is it get involved here as a transfer student?

I have never had any trouble getting to know people. I think people don’t really focus on the fact that you’re a transfer student; they just accept you. There are lots of things to do on campus, from volunteer work to free movie nights. The students who run those events want you get involved and feel connected — the students here are spirited.

What is your dream job?

Being an interviewer on the red carpet, because I have this awesome talent of remembering every useless thing about celebrities, so I have to put that to use somehow!

Why would you recommend Missouri State to other students thinking of transferring here?

It’s just so easy to transfer. There’s not a lot of waiting around, and people are so helpful. I just love the people and the atmosphere here. You can go to college anywhere, but you can’t find this kind of people just anywhere.

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