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Jordan Nadler

Jordan Nadler

With a major in actuarial science and minors in finance and risk management, Jordan Nadler is ready to pursue a successful career in an area that she enjoys.

A Mathematician with a Future in Insurance

By the time she came to Missouri State, Jordan Nadler knew that her future was in actuarial science. "I've always loved math, but there's not much you can do with math as a profession. In 8th grade, I started researching actuarial science and decided it was the career path I wanted to pursue. I've stuck with that choice. The business curriculum of actuarial science is more applicable to real life and I enjoy it more.

"I chose an actuarial degree because it's a good mix between actuarial science and the business world," Nadler said. "It's a lot of math, but it includes a business curriculum." Her actuarial degree will help her pursue her job of becoming a CEO or CFO of a corporation.

In addition to reading and outdoor activities, Jordan likes to travel. "I traveled a lot when I was a child. While at Missouri State, I went on the Spirit of Europe study abroad trip during the summer of 2011. It was a great way to travel to several different countries with the guidance of residents living in those countries. Traveling abroad and being enriched in experiencing other cultures helped me to become more independent and more appreciative of diversity. It was absolutely amazing." She strongly recommends that students participate in study abroad trips.

Nadler also decided to take minors in finance and risk management and insurance to prepare for her career. "Actuaries typically work with insurance companies, so a risk management and insurance minor helps provide practical and valuable knowledge needed every day on the job. Upon graduation, I will be pursuing an opportunity with a consulting firm, Ernst & Young. As an actuarial consultant, insurance companies will be a large portion of my clients."

She felt that her professors in finance and risk management do a great deal for their students outside the classroom. "The faculty advisers for Gamma Iota Sigma are constantly sending out emails with job opportunities [to us]. I could probably have 30 job offers from just what they emailed us. The professors are always supportive when I have questions for them or when I need to miss class for an interview."

Nadler recommends that students interested in finance and insurance come to Missouri State. "We have the only insurance program in Missouri. The risk management and insurance program is very strong, and a lot of companies recruit here because of that."

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