Missouri State University
Leia Breithaupt

Leia Breithaupt

  • Major: Finance
  • High School: Belleville East High School
  • Hometown: Belleville, Ill.

Friendly students, great teaching, a bright future

Are you looking for a university with a friendly student body that is involved on campus? Leia Breithaupt found that at Missouri State.

When she first came to Missouri State, she found herself impressed by the student body. "I really like the friendliness of the students! I first discovered it when I toured the campus, and that feeling just grew during my freshman year."

She came because of the friendly atmosphere, but she also appreciated the aid that she received from the university. "I am from out-of-state, and I still received good scholarships."

Besides her initial impressions, Breithaupt found that it was very easy to get involved in on-campus activities and organizations with the student body. She said of the student body, "They are involved in everything from Greek life to Student Activities Council and religious organizations. The student body is also diverse; there are international students and people from various backgrounds. They are also motivated!"

Her experience with finance courses has also been a source of fun and learning for her. "In my investments class, we were in charge of fake money. We were 'given' half a million dollars - if only it was real! We bought, sold and traded stocks with that fake money. It was a great way to learn about the S&P and Nasdaq."

Breithaupt learned a great deal from her professors, who were dedicated to teaching her what she needed to know. "[They] have told me about jobs and career fairs. They go out of their way to say, 'This is something you are doing to use in real life,' and then show us how to do it."

She was also thankful to her professors for the held they have her outside of the classroom. "They are accessible, and not just for their 50-minute class period. They really do want you to come by during their office hours and get to know them and talk about class or real-world work situations."

With the learning she has received from Missouri State, she is ready and eager to start her career. "At the College of Business career fair, I have talked with Jack Henry, BKD Wealth Advisors and U.S. Bank. I would like to work for any of them - I have a lot of applying for jobs to do!"