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Stephanie Hurt

Stephanie Hurt

  • Portfolio Manager
  • Springfield, MO
  • BS, Finance, 2002, Missouri State University

The teachers and support she found in the finance department brought her into a fulfilling and rewarding finance career.

Financial Certification Foundational for Her Career

If there's one thing that launched Stephanie Hurt's career, it's when she completed the Chartered Financial Analyst certification. "Dr. [Kent] Ragan offered a self-study course and scholarships for the CFA exam, which was essential in obtaining my last two jobs. First, U.S. Bank called Dr. Ragan wanting to hire someone in the CFA Program, and he recommended me. Then, when BKD Wealth Advisors in Springfield was looking for a portfolio manager, they wanted someone with the CFA designation and I got the job. I've been working at BKD for over 5 years now."

Hurt is passionate about helping her clients. "I love finding out what problems clients have and then helping them solve them, even if they aren't related to investments. We've had clients ask about identity theft, how to prevent it and what to do once it has happened."

"Many of our clients are doctors, attorneys, business owners and retirees," Hurt said. "It feels like I'm helping them when I can give them peace of mind regarding their investment portfolio so they can focus on their work and what they enjoy doing." Hurt hopes to continue to serve her clients at BKD Wealth Advisors until she is ready to retire.

She still enjoys her time on Missouri State's campus as an alumna. "Awhile back, my husband and I came to campus just to go for a walk. It's a beautiful campus, especially during the spring and the fall."

Hurt is impressed by the professors at Missouri State, not only because of their teaching but because of how much they care about students and alumni. "Even after graduating, they are always glad to see me and visit. I think that's an indication of how much they care about students, even former students."

Hurt also thinks highly of the work ethic of students at Missouri State. "They have a significant interest in whatever it is they are studying and they perform at a high level. A lot of the accountants I work with at BKD graduated from Missouri State and they work really hard. Overall, the student body is driven; they want to succeed and they want to do a good job."

While she was a U.S. Bank, Hurt would often volunteer for new projects as a way of showing that she was willing to move up to new positions with greater responsibility. Her advice to recent graduates is to do the same. "Set yourself apart by volunteering for projects that no one else wants to do."

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