Missouri State University
Sarah Greenbaum

Sarah Greenbaum

  • Major: Dance
  • High School: Parkway Central High School
  • Hometown: Chesterfield, Mo.

Following a passion for dance

At age three, Sarah Greenbaum asked to be put into her first dance class and hasn’t stopped dancing since.

Greenbaum a BFA dance major from Chesterfield, Mo., knew she wanted to attend a school that had an exceptional dance program, scholarship opportunities and that was affordable. Missouri State seemed like the perfect fit.

The dance program has become like a family to Greenbaum: “The instructors know me, and they know what I need. They understand what I am working on, and they push me to achieve my goals. They are always around to talk about dance, or school, or life. I feel that I can come to them with any idea or problem I have and know that they will do what they can to help me out.” 

Soon after stepping foot on campus, Greenbaum joined University Theatre and Dance, the theatre and dance department’s student organization.

“UTD is a good way for theater and dance students to meet. Actors, tech students, BSED students, and dancers all come together in this group.”

This year Greenbaum was the secretary of the organization. “I help keep the Facebook page for our group up-to-date. I helped plan the student-choreographed dance show Choreocopia last fall, and I am in the process of helping to organize the Vickies, UTD's annual end-of-year award show,” said Greenbaum.

As a seasoned performer Greenbaum has already participated in four productions: Transfer Points, New Directions, “Cabaret” and Gloo. Greenbaum says that each production is a unique experience.

“New Directions, the fall dance concert, was a great experience because it was student-choreographed. Seeing the choreographic process of my peers was interesting and informative,” said Greenbaum.  

“‘Cabaret’ was an incredible learning experience, since I had the chance to work with many musical theater and acting students. Everyone had different strengths that they brought to the show, and I was able to learn from everyone involved,” said Greenbaum. “Also, doing this show forced me to learn to dance in heels!” 

When she isn’t performing, Greenbaum enjoys completing the smaller, discussion based honors courses.

“Being an honors student has made me a better dancer because it keeps me balanced. I love to dance, but I love learning about other subjects, too. Taking honors classes makes me a well-rounded person, which will in turn benefit me as a dancer.” 

In between productions and her busy class schedule Greenbaum was able to take a course in Scotland this summer during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world.

“I enjoyed everything about this trip and seeing art everywhere, from huge stages to street corners. I loved the non-stop pace of Edinburgh during the Fringe; the energy was so positive and electric. That trip has been the highlight of my college experience so far,” she said. 

Greenbaum can’t name a favorite course she enjoys in the dance program at Missouri State. “I love waking up in the morning and knowing that, instead of sitting at a desk all day, I get to spend at least a few hours in a dance studio,” said Greenbaum.

After graduation Greenbaum is planning to move to Chicago, or possibly a smaller city, and start auditioning. She would like to dance for a modern company one day.