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Crystal Settlemoir

Crystal Settlemoir

  • Graduate Student, University of Missouri
  • Columbia, Mo.
  • BS, Economics, 2011, Missouri State University

Studying abroad gave her experience with new cultures and helped her choose a new, flexible major: economics.

Study Abroad Trips Critical for Young Economist

After growing up in Forsyth, Mo., Crystal Settlemoir came to Missouri State with an interest in global studies. "Missouri State had just begun offering a global studies degree and I was interested in it, so that was my major at first."

Settlemoir took advantage of opportunities to study abroad as a student, going on trips to Barcelona and London. "Barcelona became like a second home while I was there. I became best friends with my three American roommates and I just enjoyed experiencing the culture there. Since it was a cheap plane ride from London to Eastern Europe or Northern Africa, you could see an entirely different culture for a few days and then fly back."

While she was studying abroad, she took an international economics course that appealed to her, which led to her switching her major to economics. "It was a very good decision. I can't think of a major that could have better prepared me for law school."

Settlemoir said her experience in the economics department was always a positive one. "The best parts of the experience were what I learned and the camaraderie between faculty and students. I enjoyed what I was learning and enjoyed the subject matter, knowing that I could rely on my teachers [for help] if I struggled with anything."

While she was studying in London, Settlemoir, got engaged to Darrion Walker, whom she met during her first few weeks at Missouri State. After graduating with her degree in economics, they both attended law school at the University of Missouri.

"I came to law school for its versatility," she said. "With a law degree, I can do almost whatever I want to do, whether it's in a law firm, a company or teaching. Plus, I knew it would help me in my personal life as well as in my professional life."

She remembers her study abroad trips very fondly and recommends for current students to study abroad as well. "It was just a really great opportunity, even though my Spanish wasn't that great. I would tell anyone to study abroad if they can; they shouldn't let the cost discourage them."

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