Missouri State University
Leesha Borman

Leesha Borman

  • Major: Anthropology
  • Second Major: Geography
  • High School: Mound Westonka High School
  • Hometown: Mound, Minn.
  • Program: International Student Exchange Programs
  • Country: Botswana

'Everyone should try to visit this magnificent place'

Leesha learned to roll with the different perception of time in Botswana, and to ask questions because information is often passed by word-of-mouth.

Leesha Borman is majoring in anthropology and geography with an emphasis in environmental and natural resources. Leesha studied in spring 2012 at the University of Botswana.

What’s the biggest difference between classes in Botswana and classes at MSU?

Here in Botswana NOTHING is ever set in stone regarding classes. Their perception of time is different here and just remember to stay relaxed and roll with the punches.

Teachers are able to change class times whenever they feel like it, and sometimes courses can even be canceled without students even knowing! This is an extreme, but fairly common, issue in the first few weeks of school. In addition to this, professors are late half the time or sometimes might not even show up for lectures!

On the other hand, the way professors teach is similar to the styles in the States. Some professors use PowerPoint and others tend to go "old-fashioned" and just have a lecture or discussion. Also, class sizes can range from five students to 400 students. It all depends whether or not the class is a core class or an elective.

Any advice for future Africa-bound travelers?

Whatever people tell you about Africa is most likely wrong if they have never been to the continent! Africa is a huge continent, and just remember there are so many different cultures here and every town is unique.

Do not be afraid to approach people and ask for help or directions. I have learned the most important information is usually transferred through word-of-mouth and is not on paper or the Internet.

Africa has so much to offer and everyone should try to visit this magnificent place at least once in his or her life.