Missouri State University
Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

  • Major: Art
  • Second Major: Latin American Studies
  • Hometown: Dittmer, Mo.
  • Country: Argentina
  • Program: International Studies Abroad

'I am really proud of how my Spanish is coming along'

Jessica improved her language skills through conversations with Argentinian locals — and also found time for dancing, concerts and other fun!

Jessica Miller is a photography major with a minor in Latin American studies.  She studied abroad at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While there, she answered some questions about her experience in Argentina.

What has been the most exciting experience in Argentina so far?
There have been a lot of exciting things! I think recently some of the most exciting have been my conversations with the locals. They have been brief because I am still very basic, but I am really proud of how my Spanish is coming along.  

I got to tour Teatro Colón opera house, and that was breathtaking. The dance clubs (boliches) have been incredible, and the food has been awesome. I went to a concert last night and that was a blast. Everyone was really enthusiastic about the band; even the people at the outskirts of the crowd were dancing and that kind of enthusiasm was electrifying.

How is life in Buenos Aires different from life in Springfield, Mo.?
There are a lot of subtle differences, but life in Buenos Aires is a lot like life in a big city is in the United States. There are definite differences between the way people interact with each other. One of the differences that has been a little difficult to get used to is the food/hours of activity. For example, in the morning, breakfast is usually crackers and jelly. And dinners are huge, but they are not usually eaten until nine or ten, so if you go out at six or seven there are places that either are not open or just offer coffee and small snacks.

My host family has been incredible, so I felt at home right away and the transitions were probably easier for me!