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Neil Harrington

Neil Harrington

Neil Harrington’s college journey took some unexpected turns.

Veteran returns to school to follow his passion for journalism

The junior broadcast journalism major graduated from Ozark High School in 2002. After a year of taking classes at a community college, Harrington decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the Air Force.

After six years as a medic in the Air Force, Harrington decided to return to school to follow his lifelong dream of broadcast journalism with the help of the new G.I. Bill.

“Growing up, I used to listen to Rick Dees and Casey Kasem and wanted to be on the radio like them. I had an interest in music and sports, so why not talk about it,” explained Harrington.

Harrington believes his military background will help him think on his feet and handle pressure situations as a journalist. This year he is getting a taste of life as a television journalist through his work with the Ozarks News Journal.

“This is my first taste of television journalism. One week you’ll do the anchoring; one week you’ll go out do man on the street type stuff. Everyone’s responsible for doing news stories. It’s been an awesome experience,” said Harrington, who also works as a radio announcer for high school football.

Harrington enjoys finding and filming the story, something he doesn’t do often in his radio work. His favorite piece was a feature on the fundraising basketball games between Missouri State and Missouri Southern State University.

After graduation, Harrington wants to become a full-time sports radio announcer, either doing play-by-play or color. “I know it’s a tough business, so I need to get the experience now.”


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