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Yogini Dhopade

Yogini Dhopade

  • Product Manager
  • Springfield, Mo.
  • BT, Mahatma Gandhi Instititute of Technology
  • MS, 2009, Missouri State University

Yogini Dhopade enjoys challenges, and she has found them thanks to her education at Missouri State.

From Missouri State to Success

Yogini's interest in technology and business began early in her life. "My dad owns a small business where he makes hardware, which takes a lot of engineering. After working with him, I wanted to become a mechanical engineer and got my bachelor's in technology degree in India. I could have continued working for my dad, but I wanted to continue learning."

It was then that some of her friends at Missouri State gave her feedback about their time here. "I heard that it was a good university with a great curriculum, great professors, resources and research opportunities." The positive comments she heard made her decide to come to Missouri State.

After she came to Missouri State, she decided to pursue an MBA in addition to her masters in materials science. "Since I had the opportunity to expand my options, I went for a second degree."

"My time at Missouri State helped to direct me toward an education in both the sciences and business, which is what I really wanted," she said. "If you have technical knowledge but can't sell your work to someone, it's not useful."

"Missouri State also helped me to match my dreams and goals to reality through one of their career fairs," Yogini said. "I went to a career fair where I put in a résumé with Central States Industrial, a company in the Springfield area. They called me back saying that they wanted to interview me. For several months, I was in a long interview process. Then, a couple of weeks before I graduated with my MBA, they offered me a job."

Yogini has had opportunities that most people don't get early in their career. "I'm managing operations from producing the materials and quality testing to marketing and sales. Very few people get a position like mine so early in their career, but I have. It's a lot of experience, but I'm enjoying it. Recently, I got a 'best team player' award for serving customers inside and outside the company well."

Looking ahead, Yogini is eager for the possibilities that she will have in her career.

Yogini enjoys traveling, which she gets to do frequently for her job. "I've been to Florida, California, Washington D.C. and many other places. I will be going to New York City someday soon. My employers even allow me to use their private jet while traveling for business!"

Missouri State became a place for Yogini to start a new life in a new place. "Every time I think about the United States, I think of Missouri State. It's like home for me. Missouri State provides students with all the resources to fulfill their goals and memorable experiences in sports, entertainment and simply making good friends."

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