Missouri State University

Alonzo Perez

  • Major: Marketing
  • High School: Monett High School
  • Hometown: Monett, Mo.

Alonzo made friends his freshman year and says it’s impossible to not get involved at Missouri State because there’s just so much going on.

Great financial aid, business program brought student to campus

Activities: Leading in Education to Approach Latinos group (LEAL); marketing club

Why did you choose Missouri State?

I was born in Chicago but have lived in Monett for most of my life. Missouri State was close to home, and it always interested me — I always knew my choice would be between MSU and one other school. I got a scholarship and decided to come here.

Why did you choose your major?

I started as an undeclared major, but have always been interested in how companies sell their products through advertising. I would like to be the “idea” person who comes up with the concepts for print ads on billboards and in magazines. I have always liked photography, and I would like to blend my photography background with marketing to make my work artistic while making a product appealing. I would like to work in the music industry — lately I have been studying the advertising tactics of record labels.

Do Missouri State faculty and staff show you they care about your education?

Yes. My professors so far have all done different things to make sure students in their classes succeed. They don’t want you to fail unless you just don’t care or try. They may offer extra credit for extra work or things like that, if you make the effort. My advisor has given me good advice about being a business major and about life after college.

What are your favorite things to do on campus?

I like to hang out with friends. We go to the free movies in the Student Union theater on Wednesday and Sunday nights. They show movies that haven’t even gone to DVD yet. I also like to meet up with friends for late-night dining at Garst or Blair-Shannon dining centers.

You live in Woods House. What is that like?

Really enjoyable. I am in a living-learning community for undeclared majors, and they're always putting on activities for our floor.

You’re in the Leading in Education to Approach Latinos group. What is this?

LEAL members talk with Hispanic kids from around Springfield and surrounding communities to show them why they should come to Missouri State. My parents were both born in Mexico and I am fluent in Spanish, so it’s nice having a little piece of my culture here on campus.

You’re also in marketing club. What is this?

We talk about business and things that relate to my major. We have done workshops on how to write a resume and had local business leaders come talk to us.

What has been your favorite class outside of your major?

Intro to Religion. I grew up Christian and just wanted to understand other traditions, the way they worship and how religion is tied to other cultures.

What do you think of the University’s public affairs mission?

When I first started school, I had no idea what it was. But through my classes we have done projects that helped me understand it. I think it’s really important because the parts of the mission are ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement. When you study those three things you get involved in the community and learn to respect everyone equally, no matter what they look like on the outside, and you’re always fair.

Do you think Missouri State is a good value?

Yes. I came here for business and it’s a great business school and a major university, even though the price is cheaper than other schools in the area. The other school I was considering was probably $6,000 or $7,000 more.

You have a scholarship and financial aid. What was that process like?

Getting financial aid was easy because you just fill out your FAFSA (a federal student-aid form). I also earned a Multicultural Leadership Scholarship because I was involved in multicultural activities and had a good GPA. I wrote an essay to get the scholarship.

What do you think of Springfield?

I think Springfield is the perfect place for a University. It’s not a small town or huge city. But since I come from a small town, Springfield is like New York City to me! Everything you need is here. The mall is just minutes away — I like PacSun, American Eagle and Express. When I want to buy music, I go to Best Buy. I like the restaurants too — my favorite right now is Chipotle. When my friends and I go downtown, we might go to clubs for the 18 and older college night, or catch a movie.

What would be your best advice for incoming students?

Never procrastinate! Always do your homework as soon as possible because homework will eventually build up and get to be too much.

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