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Jacob Swett

Jacob Swett

  • Major: Physics
  • Second Major: German
  • High School: Pleasant Hill High School
  • Hometown: Pleasant Hill, Missouri

Jacob Swett is an accomplished student. A triple-major who was also elected the president of the student body, Jacob has built a firm foundation for his future and has contributed to the improvement of our campus.

A Dedicated Student with a Bright Future

Hailing from Pleasant Hill, Mo., Jacob first chose to come to Missouri State for scholarships. "Leaving high school, I wanted to go where my friends were going to college, but I decided to come to Missouri State on scholarships - a decision I now realize wasn't the best reason. However, I have since learned the real reasons why coming to Missouri State was a good decision."

One of those reasons is the opportunity to get heavily involved in the campus and Springfield community. "Starting my sophomore year, I started getting involved in campus activities. I explored Springfield and fell in love with the town," he said.

He chose to be a physics major primarily because it explains the natural world. "I'm fascinated by the 'why' questions: why the world and the universe functions the way it does," he added.

Jacob also has a minor in environmental physics technology because he wants to be educated about issues of the environment and climate change.

Being a part of the physics, astronomy and materials science department has been a very positive experience for Jacob, and he would recommend it for students considering a major in physics. "The size of the department allows you to have close relationships with the faculty, so you can get to know your professors on a personal level," he said. "Besides that, there are great research and internship opportunities to complement what you learn in class."

For the 2010-11 school year, Jacob was also expected to the position of student body president. "I really enjoyed the experience; it taught me a lot about working with different groups of people, about leadership." It is one of his more memorable experiences.

Jacob currently has an internship with Lockheed-Martin at the Jordan Valley Innovation Center, and his plan is to continue working with them after graduation. He also plans on attending graduate school in the future. He has studied abroad in Ecuador, Jamaica and Germany with plans to study abroad in Jordan and Columbia this coming summer.

"I am driven to understand as much as I can and then use that knowledge to benefit a greater good," Jacob said.

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