Missouri State University
Lindsay Kittrell

Lindsay Kittrell

  • Major: Nursing
  • High School: Republic High School
  • Hometown: Republic, Mo.

Student values helping her classmates, community

“When people come together they can make a huge difference and positively impact many individuals.”

A hectic school and work schedule is not enough to keep Lindsay Kittrell, BSN student at Missouri State, from helping others. She loves spending her time helping her fellow classmates, the community and a local camp.

Kittrell serves as the president of the Student Nurse Organization (SNO). SNO teaches future nurses leadership skills by creating partnerships with many health-based organizations in the community and volunteering at their events.

“When people come together they can make a huge difference and positively impact many individuals.” 

Kittrell was named as a 2011-2012 citizen scholar, an award given by the University to accomplished students who exemplify strength and character.

“There is no reason for me to keep my education to myself, the more that I can spread it the better,” she said.

Kittrell is interested in becoming a nurse educator and works as an undergraduate lab assistant striving to help new nursing students learn skills. “During this job I get to work closely with the nursing instructors to help modify and mold the education in a way that will benefit the students most,” she said.

Kittrell provides advice and guidance by answering questions about nursing skills, the nursing program or questions about nursing in general. “This experience refreshes my knowledge of these skills, and helping teach these skills reinforces my learning even more,” said Kittrell.

When Kittrell had the opportunity to spend a week helping children with special needs have a traditional camp experience, she jumped at the chance. She was one of many students from the nursing department to complete a pediatric clinical rotation at Camp Barnabas.

“There are many things that nursing students can do at Camp Barnabas,” said Kittrell. “It is absolutely a great experience when learning how to care for the physical and emotional needs of the pediatric patient.”

Students also joined in the campers’ activities, which helped build relationships. “Many children were scared of some of the procedures they had to get done. We had to critically think of ways to distract them in order to help keep them comfortable and treat them successfully,” said Kittrell.

“Working with these children really made me realize the significance my education has,” said Kittrell. “We all learned a lot about caring for the pediatric patient, and left with unforgettable memories.”

In the future, Kittrell would like to continue to help others in the community by working at a local hospital. She would also like to possibly pursue travel nursing or missionary nursing and a master’s degree in nurse education

“I have many goals to achieve throughout my years of nursing; I love that I have many options and I would be more than happy doing many things within this career.”