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Faye Felicilda-Reynaldo

Faye Felicilda-Reynaldo

  • Assistant Professor

Nursing faculty member decides to take her own advice

“It was also a point in my life wherein I found myself seeking for greater professional development that I can't find in my country. I wanted a better experience as a professional nurse, nurse educator, with more substance.”

In a classroom more than 8,000 miles away in CebuCity, Philippines, Faye Felicilda-Reynaldo decided it was time to follow her own advice, “dream big and create opportunities” — something she had been telling her students in the Philippines for years.

In late 2010, on Felicilda-Reynaldo’s quest for a new opportunity, a job ad for a tenure track faculty position in the nursing department at Missouri State caught her eye.

“It was a point in my life where I found myself seeking a greater professional development that I can't find in my country,” said Felicilda-Reynaldo. “I wanted a better experience as a professional nurse, nurse educator with more substance.”

Felicilda-Reynaldo plans to learn alongside her students. She is looking forward to teaching courses on a variety of different topics and expand her own depth of knowledge, by teaching online courses and learning simulation technologies available at MSU.

Felicilda- Reynaldo, who had visited Springfield once before with her family, was grateful to have been chosen.

“I totally loved Springfield and told myself that I'd definitely come back and live here,” she added. “I think Springfield is quaint and it reminds me of my hometown. I like how it's a family- friendly city; not too big, not too small.”

Felicilda-Reynaldo has a long list of nursing experiences that includes working in a hospital, plastic surgery clinic and through the local community by developing a nutrition program for children and as a faith-community based nurse. She hopes to provide students with expertise in acute, clinical and community care with a global perspective.

“I'd like to share to students how to be empathetic and understanding regarding the needs of people who aren't alike to their cultures,” she said. “Having come from a foreign country with different cultural influences, it's much easier for me to connect the cultures to client behaviors.”

In the Philippines, Felicilda-Reynaldo was very involved with nursing curriculum serving as a manager and review specialist for the Nursing Licensure Exam and teaching both BSN and MAN/MSN students at two different universities.

She wants both undergraduate and graduate students to appreciate the profession they have chosen by acquiring experiences in different nursing specialties. “I'd also like to influence more undergraduate students to become future nurse educators and lifelong learners.” 

After inspiring hundreds of nursing students to make follow their dreams, Felicilda-Reynaldo is ready to follow hers.

“I'm excited for this opportunity to grow as a nurse educator and a researcher in a new setting.”