Missouri State University
Madison Harrison

Madison Harrison

Graduate student receives job offer prior to graduation

Madison Harrison is working towards two separate master's degrees and has accepted a job offer from Mercy health systems' audit response program for after graduation.

Degree: Bachelor's in business with a minor in health care management, 2011

Career: Recently accepted a job offer for after graduation with Mercy health systems’ recovery audit response program


Why I chose Missouri State: I toured a lot of schools between Oklahoma and Missouri. A friend recommended I tour MSU and the rest is history. I found the right college and I knew the minute I was on my tour. MSU made me feel like it was going to be more than a school, but a home. Not to mention, MSU has an amazing business program.

Why I chose my program: I have one parent in the business world and I have another parent in health care. I knew I wanted to do something in health care, but I have a very business-oriented mindset with a bit of a knack for finance. I wanted to combine both of these interests, and MSU allowed me to do that.

How MSU has prepared me to be a professional: Outside of my regular classes and help from faculty, there are a ton of resources we can access. The Career Center has been vital for my success; I can get help on my resume and get career advice about the field. It’s an invaluable resource.

How faculty help students succeed: I wouldn’t be where I am today without the faculty at MSU. They are highly invested in my success and go out of their way to ensure I’m successful. Professors don’t hesitate to write reference letters or help me expand my professional network. It has been a great experience and set me up to get my current job.

How the MHA program has challenged me: Our program is not strictly lecture and multiple-choice exams. We have a ton of discussions about current issues, articles and hot topics in the industry. We get to actually apply the knowledge we’ve attained. The bottom line is this: The MHA professors challenge us to think – not memorize and regurgitate. I’ve learned to think like a good manager and act as a great leader.