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Cody Mendenhall

Cody Mendenhall

Cody Mendenhall moves from entry-level analyst to director in five short years.

Cody Mendenhall currently serves as the director of Investment & RetireAdvisers Services at Pension Consultants, Inc.


Cody Mendenhall, CFP®, currently serves as the director of Investment & RetireAdvisers Services at Pension Consultants, Inc. in Springfield, Missouri. He has successfully moved from an entry level analyst with Pension Consultants to director and member of the executive team in five short years.  Currently, his responsibilities include heading two departments within the firm where he manages research analysts and investment consultants, and serving as the co-chair of the Investment Committee that makes decisions and recommendations as a co-fiduciary on over $2.5 billion in assets. 

“Statistically, around 80% of the workforce say they’re not ready for retirement. Most people spend more time planning a one-week vacation or even a long holiday weekend than they do planning how they’re going to live for 20-30 years in retirement,” states Cody.  What keeps him motivated is the desire to help individuals prepare for the future.  On any given day he generally spends more time in clients’ offices than his own, and he really values the benefit of meeting in person.

During his time in the College of Business (COB) Cody earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in finance.  He looks back at his time in COB fondly saying, “I enjoyed the relationships I built with fellow students and professors, which have continued to be a sounding board for issues I face today.”  While thinking of his own university years, Cody recommends that current students develop a strong work ethic and a plan for continued skill development.  He also encourages students to think outside of the box, as the “ability to be a visionary will pay dividends to career growth.”

When Cody is not furthering his professional career he enjoys attending Missouri State Bears basketball games and staying active.  In November 2013 he completed the Bass Pro Marathon in Springfield!  It was his first marathon and likely will not be his last.  He is also an active member of Springfield’s Downtown Rotary Club.