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Katie Perrini

Katie Perrini

Katie Perrini, a senior in fashion merchandising, is constantly on the go. If she’s not in class, she’s working. If she’s not working, she’s leading the Association of Fashion and Design. Or, maybe she’s spending time in London, China or New York City on internships.

Passion and dedication move fashion maven forward

“I enjoy being so involved because fashion is who I am,” Perrini said. “I try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way when it involves anything to do with my degree.”

Fashion has been an almost life-long love for Perrini. As a self-professed shoe fanatic who used to play dress up when she was young, Perrini visited the MSU fashion and interior design program while she was in high school. With her parents, she attended the annual Senior Collection Fashion Show and was hooked.

“I eat, breathe and dream fashion, so there really wasn’t another option for me,” Perrini said. “I fell in love at first sight at the fashion show. I knew this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.”

As a student in FID, Perrini said she feels like she is well prepared for her work after graduation.

“It was basically the people I met and the networking I did, participating in career days and traveling,” she said. “It is all about who you know and your personality. The classes I took at MSU helped as well as the classes I took while studying in London.”

Dr. Michele Granger, professor of fashion and interior design, continues to provide inspiration to Perrini.

“She has been a mentor to me since I first expressed my interest as a senior in high school,” she said. “She has been a huge role model to me, and helped me along the way through my four years at MSU. She truly cares about her students. She has introduced me to various people in the industry to help me get my foot in the door.”

Perrini currently works for BCBG MAXAZRIA as a sales specialist, providing customer service and personal stylist consulting. Her work helps pay her bills and expenses for her fashion class projects. She will transfer to BCBG in St. Louis after graduation. Soon, she plans to be working in New York City.

“It gives me a good work ethic,” Perrini said of her current working schedule. “I love my job so I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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