Scott W. Wallentine, PT, DPT

Associate Professor and Director of Admissions


Dr. Scott W. Wallentine received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University and his Clinical Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Creighton University. He has over 10 years of academic experience, beginning as a teaching assistant at Brigham Young University and Creighton University, then as an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at Winston-Salem State University, and currently as an Associate Professor of Physical Therapy at Missouri State University.


Dr. Wallentine is currently the course director for the following courses within the PT Program: PTE 712 Biomechanics and Kinesiology; PTE 714 Imaging Analysis in Physical Therapy Practice; and PTE 723-733 Patient Management: Musculoskeletal I and II. He also serves as an instructor in the following courses: PTE 707 Medical Gross Anatomy, and PTE 873 Patient Management: Advanced Differential Diagnosis.


Dr. Wallentine’s research focus is in the area of clinical orthopedics and biomechanics with an emphasis in postural related orthopedic problems of the spine and extremities. 

Publications and Presentations

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Wallentine SW, Hunt GC, Tocci L, Versteeg-Pastar T. "Quantifying the pressure effects of arch taping on the posterior calcaneus in adolescents and adults during ambulation." Poster presentation at the Missouri Physical Therapy Association Spring Meeting, Kansas City, MO - April 2007.

Barton H, Wallentine SW. "Comparison of infraspinatus muscle strength in the dominant (pitching) arm versus the non-dominant arm of minor league baseball pitchers." Poster presentation at the Missouri Physical Therapy Association Spring Meeting, St. Louis, MO - April 2006.

Edwards D, Wallentine SW, "The effects of backpack usage on forward trunk lean, forward head posture, and back, shoulder or neck symptoms in college-age students." Poster presentation at the Missouri Physical Therapy Association Spring Meeting, Osage Beach, MO - April 2005.

Clinical Experience and Service

Dr. Wallentine has practiced in both acute and orthopedic settings, and currently practices part time in the Missouri State University PT Clinic and in the community. His special interest and much of his clinical practice involves treating individuals with back, neck, and shoulder pain, particularly those with postural related problems.  He enjoys practicing preventive physical therapy in the area of office ergonomic evaluation and intervention.  Dr. Wallentine serves as the Director of Admissions for the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.