Missouri State University

Program Objectives

  • Provide physical therapy services in a manner that is consistent with the American Physical Therapy Association’s Standards of Practice and the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice to maximize patient outcomes.
  • Employ critically reflective thinking strategies in the provision of physical therapy services and in the pursuit of personal and professional development.
  • Effectively function as primary care practitioners with direct access to patients in jurisdictions where allowed.
  • Promote wellness and healthy behaviors while providing preventive and rehabilitative care.
  • Effectively interact, communicate, and practice in collaboration with a variety of health care professionals, patients/clients, and laypersons.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to cultural, social, economic, and ethnic diversity during professional and personal interactions with other professionals, patients/clients, family members and others.
  • Develop and conduct appropriate and effective educational programs for patients/clients, family caregivers, other healthcare professionals, students, governmental agencies, and the community.
  • Adhere to legal practice standards and practice ethical decision-making that is consistent with the American Physical Therapy Association’s Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and Guide for Professional Conduct.
  • Engage in critical inquiry and embrace the philosophy of learning as both a lifelong endeavor and a professional responsibility.
  • Contribute to the body of knowledge that influences client and patient care by participating in basic and/or clinical research, and justify and support treatment approaches and methodologies by effectively engaging in outcome analysis.
  • Assume leadership roles within the profession and the community, and successfully adapt to a changing healthcare environment.
  • Consistently reflect upon the relationship between personal values and professional behavior and modify those values and behaviors as necessary to meet personal, practice, and professional expectations.