My Ideas Program

What is the My Ideas Program?

The My Ideas Faculty/Staff Suggestion Program provides a way for the faculty and staff of Missouri State University to receive recognition by developing and submitting ideas that benefit the University through saving money or improving processes.

This program is open to all faculty and staff (full-time and part-time) on all Missouri State University campuses.

Students, including student employees, are not eligible to participate in the program at this time.

This program is based on a process improvement project completed by University Staff Ambassadors (USA) 2010 members Brenda Burrell, Kristan Gochenauer, Tracey Maxfield, Kevin White, and Marina Zordell-Reed. Learn more about and apply to participate in the University Staff Ambassadors Program by visiting

How Does It Work?

  1. Submit your idea here on this site!
  2. You’ll receive a phone call or email thanking you for your idea.
  3. The Evaluation Committee will review all submitted ideas against the recommendation criteria below and determine a recommendation.
  4. The Evaluation Committee will post a recommendation status for each idea here on this blog.
  5. The Evaluation Committee will contact the cost center administrator and/or members of Administrative Council for whom ideas will be recommended that affect their respective areas.
  6. The Evaluation Committee will present the recommendations to Administrative Council.
  7. Administrative Council makes a decision on whether or not to proceed in implementing the idea.

Guidelines for Submitting an Idea

How do you know if your inspiration may become an award-winning suggestion? The pointers below will show you how to develop a winning idea.

A good idea will do one or more of the following:

  • Increase University revenue
  • Reduce waste or maintenance costs
  • Reduce costs of materials or services
  • Conserve time, materials, equipment, and natural resources
  • Combine operations, methods, procedures, or official forms
  • Eliminate duplication, breakage, and bottlenecks
  • Improve procedures, accountability, service quality, or morale
  • Increase safety
  • Invest in new equipment, new methods of operation, or new products

Ideas that will not be considered include those that:

  • Do not include a solution or plan for improvement
  • Constitute a personal grievance or complaint
  • Request a change in salary or position
  • Are the result of assigned or contracted audits, studies, surveys, reviews, or research
  • Concern proposals that are already under active consideration

Recommendation Criteria

The Evaluation Committee will make recommendations for each idea based on the following criteria:

  1. What is the Return On Investment (ROI) for implementing this idea?
  2. What is the initial cost of implementing this idea?
  3. Where will the money come from to implement the idea?
  4. Who would be responsible for implementing the idea?
  5. Has this been suggested before? If so, was it implemented or rejected, and why?
  6. How does implementing this idea affect students and improve learning and teaching environments?
  7. What are the impacts of implementing the idea?
  8. Would implementing this idea violate, infringe upon, or require change to any existing Missouri State University policy?

Recognition and Rewards

Quarterly Rewards

Each quarter (starting in January of every year), a drawing will take place in order to reward an idea submitted to the My Ideas Program. Each idea submitted during a one-quarter period that meets the criteria of a good idea (as determined by the My Ideas Committee; criteria discussed above) will be placed in a random drawing. The idea does not have to be implemented in order to be placed in the drawing or to receive the reward.

The submitter of the winning idea of the random drawing will receive a Missouri State University Bookstore gift card ($30.00 value).

Winning ideas of the Quarterly Reward will still be eligible for the Annual Grand Prize (if their idea meets the criteria). Submitters of winning ideas that receive the Quarterly Award are also eligible to win future Quarterly Rewards for new ideas submitted in future quarters.

Annual Grand Prize

The focus of the Annual Grand Prize will be for those ideas that provide cost savings or increase revenue for the University. The submitter of the top non-anonymous idea (as determined by Administrative Council) implemented by late fall of a given year will receive:

  • $1,000 paid as supplemental pay
  • Recognition at the appropriate Recognition Banquet(s).

The idea submitted must have demonstrated or resulted in a cost savings or increased revenue for the University of at least $1,500.

Administrative Council reserves the right to not award the Annual Grand Prize in the absence of funding or based on the availability of implementable ideas.