Missouri State University

About Multicultural Programs

The Office of Multicultural Programs (OMP) originated in 1991 and has been a central location for students of various backgrounds. The purpose of the OMP is to serve as a resource for students while helping them develop their cultural competency.Student Group


Our Mission

The Office of Multicultural Programs has a strong commitment to:

  • Strengthen communication, understanding and respect among all students at Missouri State University.
  • Promote peace and intercultural awareness for both the cultural differences and common humanity we share.
  • Provide resource materials for programs dealing with multicultural topics.
  • Create forums and retreat opportunities to get to know students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Increase student awareness and participation in multicultural events.
  • Guide and empower diverse students.
  • Promote vision and values that recognize and support diversity.
  • Encourage a cultural balance of student committees, projects and extracurricular activities.
  • Establish networking links with community caregivers and cultural support groups.
  • Celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity as a strength of our university and country.