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Bridge Springfield: Brother 2 Brother Program

On February 1, Diversity MODES launched the Bridge Springfield – Brother 2 Brother Male Development Program, a program designed to provide a system of support for all young men from our community attending high school and college. The program is characterized by its use of academic and community resources to empower these young men to improve their eligibility, their enrollment, and their academic retention in high school and college. Diversity MODES is a partnership including Missouri State University, Ozarks Technical Community College, Drury University, Evangel University and Southwest Baptist University; students attending one of these colleges and male students from the Drury Scholar’s Program in Springfield may become members. There is no cost to join.

With its launch, Bridge Springfield – Brother 2 Brother becomes one of the more than 250 chapters that make up the nationally known Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB). SAAB, founded in 1990, operates through these different student chapters across the country and offers professional advising and mentorship to assist the young men to excel academically, socially, culturally, spiritually, and in the community. In addition, one of the main objectives of SAAB is to help all male student members become role models for each other as well as for other males in their communities. SAAB also helps these young men be well prepared to enter the workforce of professionals and compete as positive contributors with the best.

About 86% of African American student members who join the Brother 2 Brother (B2B) program graduate from college compared to a national average of 42%.  Moreover, research has shown that peer groups such as B2B facilitate academic integration and persistency, provide guidance and direction to newly enrolled, and counter the effects of prejudicial attitudes, particularly at predominantly White colleges and universities. Also, because the fastest growing populations in Missouri (and nationally) are low income and first generation college students, it is important that local males and particularly African American and Latino men join programs such as B2B because these programs provide the right infrastructure to support the educational needs of the new emerging majority. The program is open to all males regardless of race or ethnicity.

There is no cost to join the B2B program; however, those who are interested in becoming members need to show full commitment to the program and plan on becoming active members.  If interested in becoming a member, please email, call or text Ms. Francine Pratt at FPratt@missouristate.edu or 916-541-1675, or stop by the Multicultural Resource Center, PSU 141, and ask one of the graduate assistants about it.

Bridge Springfield: Brother 2 Brother Application (Word)

Bridge Springfield: Brother 2 Brother Personal Development Plan (PDP) (Word)