University Exit Exam

All students admitted into a baccalaureate degree program during or after the fall 1993 semester must complete a nationally normed test designed to assess basic academic knowledge and skills. Students must take this University Exit Exam prior to graduation and upon the completion of 90 or more credit hours. Students who complete more than one baccalaureate degree are only required to take the exam one time. Exceptions to the exam requirement may be made for students who return to the University to complete a degree that was started prior to the fall 1993 semester and who do not have to complete any new degree requirements as decided by the academic department involved.

Missouri State students with 90 or more credit hours are eligible to take the University Exit Exam. Completion will satisfy the GEN 499 graduation requirement. Please register for GEN 499. Unless you have enrolled in GEN 499, you will not receive credit for completing this graduation requirement.

Beginning with the Spring 2015 semester, the University Exit Exam will be available on Blackboard under “My Courses” and “University Exit Exam.” 

How Does It Work?

The exam takes approximately one hour to complete.

Questions will consist of one of the following:

  • ETS® Proficiency Profile a 36-item multiple choice examination assessing basic academic skills such as critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematics, and questions about plans after graduation
  • Questions about your experiences related to the university’s public affair mission and plans after graduation

How Will This Be Used?

Your experiences at Missouri State, what you learn while a student, and your feedback on those experiences is key. Information is confidential and will be compiled in aggregate to inform decision-making about instruction and planning across the university.

The University Exit Exam is used to assess student learning in general education and is a Key Performance Indicator. Missouri State also uses the information to assess student learning related to the University’s statewide mission in public affairs.


Instructions for completing the graduation requirement is available on Blackboard under “My Courses” by clicking on “University Exit Exam.” Please contact Sue McCrory, Computers for Learning Coordinator, at 417-836-6120 or email

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