Gender Studies

Gender Studies Program

What is Gender Studies?

Gender Studies provides a framework for describing how ideas and assumptions about biological sex and gender influence the political, social, and cultural construction of gender identities.  Students are introduced to how representations of masculine and feminine roles change over time, vary across cultures and affect every facet of society.

“One day our descendants will think it incredible that we paid so much attention to things like the amount of melanin in our skin or the shape of our eyes or our gender instead of the unique identities of each of us as complex human beings.” – F. Thomas


Gender Studies program fact sheet
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Gender Studies Minors must take one of these four courses: GST 170, PSY 355, PSY 356, SOC 290, plus at least 15 hours of additional coursework for a total of at least 18 hours with a minimum GPA of 2.50 in all courses counted toward the minor.  At least three credit hours in each of the following three areas must be completed as part of the minor.

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How will Gender Studies advance my career?

  • The Gender Studies Minor offers interdisciplinary courses and examines gender and sex roles in biological, psychological, historical and cultural contexts.
  • Changing concepts and values associated with gender influence virtually every category of thought and academic discipline.
  • Gender Studies provides a framework for understanding, describing and defining how ideas and assumptions about gender influence every personal and professional aspect of human lives.
  • Gender Studies supports efforts to achieve diversity in education and business, and prepares students to meet the challenge of diversity in every profession.
  • Gender Studies contributes to the university's Public Affair mission by asking students to consider their roles not only as free individuals, but also as men and women with responsibilities to others and to the communities in which they live.