Minutes of September 15, 2008

Call to order

9:00 a.m. in UNVH 113 by Pauline Nugent, Chair


Tom Kane, Thomas Lane, Pauline Nugent, Helen Reid, Art Spisak, John Steiert, Kris Sutliff, Mike Wood and Crystal Gail sitting in for Byron Stewart


Minutes accepted unanimously as distributed.

Discussion Points

Need member from CHPA—names requested

Course staffing statistics—breakdown by

  • choice of compensation
  • position (faculty, staff, graduate assistantship)
  • college

Launch of online component—MSX (Missouri State Experience)

  • 1,807 students registered
  • technical issues—primarily students unable to register
  • total articles read: 3,659
  • most popular articles named
  • highest activity remains the “social” component—profiles viewed, etc.
  • only 6 students have opted out of program

CSFI (College Success Factors Index)—comparison of students in areas proven to be determinants of college success

  • instructors were asked to have students complete CSFI by September 19th
  • compliance is mixed—too many “extra” requirements asked of instructors this semester. Several have expressed frustration to Mike about the additional requirements.

“Early Alert” Intervention

  • letter to instructors to be finalized this week (Kris Sutliff’s signature will be on the letter)

Status of GEP 101 course proposal—add to next Faculty Senate agenda

  • Concern: Instructor recruitment timeline (depending on when/if GEP 101 is approved)

Committee Action

Motion: To form a subcommittee to discuss stipend options/recommendations for GEP 101. Art Spisak moved to accept motion; seconded by John Steiert. Motion was unanimously accepted.

Sub-committee formed (Tom Kane, Helen Reid and Mike Wood) to detail stipend recommendation for instructors, prepare materials prior to next committee meeting.

New chair to be elected during next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Next Meeting

No date set—Members will receive email notification of next meeting.