Minutes of October 6, 2008

Call to order

2:00 p.m. in UNVH 113 by Pauline Nugent, Chair


Rachelle Darabi, Thomas Lane, Jim Moyer, Pauline Nugent, Helen Reid, John Steiert, Byron Stewart, Ellena Stotler, Cathy VanLanduyt and Mike Wood


Thomas Lane moved to accept minutes. Motion seconded by Jim Moyer. Minutes approved unanimously as distributed.

Election of New Chair

Cathy VanLanduyt nominated Jim Moyer as new committee chair. Thomas Lane moved to accept Jim Moyer’s nomination. Motion seconded by Byron Stewart. Jim Moyer unanimously selected by round of applause.

Update on Status of GEP 101

Discussion of proposed GEP 101 is on Faculty Senate docket for October 9. Since the course proposal does not have clearance from Budget & Priorities Committee, Mike Wood will submit a statement asking that the proposal be tabled. Dr. Nugent will ask a senator to put the statement in the form of a motion before Faculty Senate.

Sub Committee on Budget Recommendations Regarding Teaching Stipend and Peer Leader Reimbursement/Compensation

Members: Mike Wood (chair), Rachelle Darabi, Tom Kane and Ellena Stotler

Written report due: October 29

Sub Committee to Identify Issues and Establish Questions Regarding Implementation of Common Reader in Course

Members: Mike Wood (chair), Tom Kane, Thomas Lane, Joe Morris, Art Spisak and a Peer Leader to be chosen by Mike Wood. In addition, Mike will ask several members of the Vermont Group as possible to reconvene and give input to the subcommittee.

Report due: October 29


Chair adjourned meeting at 3 p.m.

Next Meeting

Monday, November 3, 2008, 2-3 p.m., UNVH 113.