Minutes of November 30, 2007

First-Year Programs Advisory Committee

Minutes of November 30, 2007

Call to Order

1:15 p.m. in UNVH 113 by Gary Brock, Chair


Tom Kane, Thomas Lane, Pauline Nugent, Cindy Pemberton, Helen Reid, Art Spisak, Ellena Stotler, John Steiert, Cathy VanLanduyt and Mike Wood


Minutes were unanimously accepted with following corrections.

  • Thomas Lane was not in attendance on November 16
  • Under Committee Action, grammatical error in GEP 101 course description ... individual choices promotion academic success.

Committee Action

Motion by Pauline Nugent to bring the following tabled motion to the forum:
Move IDS 110 to 2 hours, modeled loosely after UHC; with a section of IDS including a 'variable topics' component. The revised course description would be:
GEP 101 First-Year Foundations 2 (2-0) F, S, Su
An integrative and interdisciplinary experience which addresses public affairs issues and individual choices promotion academic success. Required of all freshmen during their first semester. Honors student must substitute UHCX 110 for this class.
Following discussion, Art Spisak called for the question. Motion was passed unanimously.

Goals and Objectives

Revised draft attached.

Cindy Pemberton will share document with her Faculty Advisory committee. Faculty input and committee revisions, i.e., diversity, should be disseminated via email. vote on revised Goals and Objectives planned for next meeting.

Planning Concerns to be Addressed Under New Program

  • faculty incentives
  • financial impacts
  • integration into campus community
  • college/department "ownership"
  • staff preparation/training
  • pedagogy strategies

Tasks Prior to Next Meeting

Tom Kane volunteered to collect ideas on faculty staffing.
Mike Wood will email calendar request for spring meetings schedule.


Pauline Nugent moved to adjourn meeting at 2:50 p.m.

Minutes_Nov 30 (Word document)

Revised Goals and Objectives After Meeting of Nov 30