Minutes of November 3, 2008

Call to order

2:00 p.m. in UNVH 113 by Jim Moyer, Chair


Rachelle Darabi, Tom Kane, Helen Reid, John Steiert, Byron Stewart, Ellena Stotler, Cathy VanLanduyt and Mike Wood (absent—Thomas Lane and Art Spisak)


Minutes approved unanimously as distributed.

Committee unanimously adopted the following resolutions

  • Recommend Piloting Learning Communities Incorporating Common Reader in Course
  • In Fall 2009 pilot up to five sections as Learning Communities (pairing IDS 110 with two additional general education classes) and incorporating a common reader.
  • Recommend Increasing Teaching Stipend

Submit to Provost

  • a request to increase the IDS 110 teaching stipend to $1,400 per section, include a mechanism to figure an annual inflationary increase, e.g., approximately $50/year to cap out at “X” amount
  • include historical background on stipend pay
  • share benefits to faculty of teaching course
  • enumerate ways to raise academic significance of course (i.e., Showcase on Teaching, January 7, 2009)
  • Recommend Paying Peer Leaders an Honorarium: Set up a self-reporting system to award honorarium based on time commitment outside class of at least 5 hours per week.
  • Recommend Setting up a Co-Curricular Fund: Make available a co-curricular fund to all sections (up to $125 each), allowing instructors the discretion to fund activities symbolically promoting the public affairs mission.


Meeting adjourned at 3 p.m.