Minutes of November 2, 2007

First-Year Programs Advisory Committee

Minutes of November 2, 2007

Call to Order

1:15 p.m. in UNVH 113 by Gary Brock, Chair


Betty Evans, Tom Kane, Tom Lane, Pauline Nugent, Cindy Pemberton, John Steiert, Cathy VanLanduyt and Mike Wood


Minutes unanimously accepted as distributed via email.

Update From Office of Provost

Guest—John Catau, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

Motion made by Pauline Nugent to integrate public affairs as an integral component in the newly revised first-year experience course in view of the fact GEP 397 is being recommended for termination. Motion passed unanimously, and Resolution will be prepared for submission to Faculty Senate and CGEIP.

Measurability of Goals and Objectives

Guests—Martha Kirker, Director of Center for Assessment, and Cathy coy, Associate Director of Institutional Research

Based on Bloom's Taxonomy, Martha Kirker created a matrix using the three goals drafted by the Committee on 10-12-07. Motion by Thomas Lane to adopt having a group of three committee members meet with Martha Kirker to further develop the grid, specifically, skills students gain, measures and scoring methods. Motion passed.

Sub-committee formed to work on goals and objectives

  • Thomas Lane
  • Cindy Pemberton
  • Helen Reid
  • Mike Wood

Course Description and Title

A sub-committee formed to work on course description and title

  • Gary Brock
  • Pauline Nugent
  • Cathy VanLanduyt
(Sub-committees will meet prior to next meeting and disseminate consensus via e-mail.)


Prior to next meeting Mike Wood will contact GoalQuest representative to extend passwords so that Committee members will be able to view online links to other institutions using FYRe.

Cindy Pemberton requests feedback at next meeting so that she can report to Provost the Committee's interest in making GoalQuest a part of the program and feasibility of bringing GoalQuest's CEO to campus.

Next Meeting

Friday, November 9, 1:15 p.m., in UNVH 113

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