Minutes of February 17, 2009

Call to order

2:00 p.m. in UNVH 113 by Jim Moyer, Chair


Rachelle Darabi, Tom Kane, Jim Moyer, Pauline Nugent, Helen Reid, Art Spisak, John Steiert, Byron Stewart, Cathy VanLanduyt and Mike Wood (Absent—Thomas Lane and Ellena Stotler)


Motion to approve minutes of November 3, 2008, carried.

Status of GEP 101

GEP 101 proposal approved by President Nietzel.

New course will launch in Fall 2010.

Overview of IDS 110 course evaluations, Fall 2008

  • Overall, the evaluations were much more positive this year.
  • Continue emphasis on not just understanding, but applying our Public Affairs Mission.
  • Several faculty did not think the custom book was worth the cost. For Fall 2009, instructors may be offered the choice of using one of several concise textbooks or the online article content from MSX.

Learning Communities and Service-Learning Pilot

Pilot sections of IDS 110

Learning Communities—7 cohorts

Five IDS 110 classes, each paired with a COM 115 and ENG 110 class

One cohort will be for non-native English speakers

Jim Moyer’s REL 101 classes will be paired with his two IDS 110 classes

A HST 103 class will be paired with two ENG 110 and two IDS 110 classes

Service-Learning—5 classes

Student Impact

  • approximately 154 in Learning Communities
  • 125 in Service-Learning

Instructor and Peer Leader Recruitment

Staffing complete for Learning Communities and Service-Learning classes

Peer Leader recruitment—anticipate 50 students (no pay incentive available)

First-Year Curricular Committee

Motion to ask Executive Committee of Faculty Senate to consider developing a philosophy for the educationally and socially successful first-year student approved.


Chair adjourned meeting at 3 p.m.

Next Meeting

To be arranged