Missouri State University

Alexa Wilcox


My name is Alexa Wilcox, and I am a sophomore pre-med student majoring in cell and molecular biology.  My hometown is O’Fallon, IL – 25 miles east of St. Louis. 

As a freshman, I became instantly involved in on-campus activities.  I represented Wells House as a senator in Missouri State’s Student Government Association, was a member of the Wells House Executive Board, volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, graduated from the Emerging Leaders program, and became a Peer Leader! J  This year I’m excited to jump into involvement again.  I’ll be serving as a facilitator for the Centennial Leaders program, joining the Pre-Med Society, and volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Kitchen Clinic.

On my down time, I love running, reading and getting together with my girls.  I also have the biggest passion for travel.  I will be studying away in London during the spring of 2010, and hope to participate in a medical internship in Ghana during the summer of 2011.  Ultimately, my dream career is to travel the world, helping lesser developed countries improve their healthcare while continuing to explore the beautiful world we live in.

I’m so excited for this semester and look forward to being a Peer Leader!