Missouri State University

Lauren Fisher


Hey I’m Lauren Fisher and I’m a sophomore with a Mathematics/Education major.  I’m originally from St. Louis, and for those of you wanting the answer to that famous “St. Louis” question; I went to Lindbergh High School!  I was really involved in high school and just as involved here at Missouri State.  I’m in a social sorority, a member of Junior Greek Council and Maroon Madness, as well as a Playfair assistant.  I love going to concerts, listening to music, being with my family and just being around people who make me laugh.

This is my first year as a Peer Leader and I’m so excited to meet some new faces and help any freshmen transition to college life, because it definitely was not that easy for me!  Missouri State has something to offer for everyone, so my best piece of advice would be to get involved, because that’s the only way you’re going to meet people and make the most of your college life!