Missouri State University

Courtney Kerr

Courtney Kerr

Hi! My name is Courtney Kerr and I'm originally from Bentonville, Arkansas. I am a Sophomore Communication Studies major and Religious Studies and Marketing minors. I am a member of a Social Sorority, Campus Crusade for Christ, and Maroon Madness.

Missouri State has quickly become my home away from home. The campus is so compact and comfortable and there is always something exciting to do! This is my first year as a peer leader and I am looking forward to the opportunity to be able to encourage incoming students.

My advice to incoming freshman: 

  1. GET INVOLVED ON CAMPUS! It is the easiest and fastest way to meet people and feel like you belong at this amazing university.
  2. Invest in a planner/calendar. Between class and your social schedule, you'll definitely need one.
  3. Relax and have fun. The next few years will be the best ones of your life. Enjoy every minute of it!