Missouri State University

Learning/Teaching Styles Tutorial

To help our students learn, we need not know only their preferences for learning. We also need to discover our preferences for teaching. VARK is a valuable resource because it allows us to modify our learning or teaching as needed.

What is VARK?

    VARK is a questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their learning preferences. These preferences are about the ways that they want to take-in and give-out information.


Is VARK a learning style?

Technically No! A learning style has 18+ dimensions (preferences for temperature, light, food intake, biorhythms, working with others, deep and surface approaches).  VARK is about one preference—our preference for taking in and putting out information in a learning context. Although it is a part of learning style we consider it an important part because people can do something about it. Some other dimensions are not open to self-modification.

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