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Literacy In Financing your Education

Mission Statement:

To use ‘real life’ scenarios in order to help students develop an understanding of how to successfully manage their money and finance their education

MSU Real L.I.F.E.

The Office of Student Financial Aid has developed the MSU Real LIFE experience to better connect with students, answer their questions about financial aid, and teach them successful money management skills.  MSU Real LIFE plans to team up with organizations across campus to offer valuable presentations on budgeting, student loans, and credit, to create a website and videos to help answer students’ questions about financial aid, and to form a team of four peer financial counselors to meet with students one-on-one to help students’ individual financial questions.


How to AVOID default once you graduate:

A student loan will go into default if the loan has not been paid on for more than 270 days. After 270 days, the government can begin taking your tax returns, garnishing your pay check, revoke your federal benefits, and even sue you.

Avoid default by staying in contact with your loan servicer. Go to to see a complete list of your student loans. This website requires a pin, if you forgot your pin number, you can request a duplicate at

Have a question? Email We will answer your question promptly and get you the information you need to succeed!

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