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Real L.I.F.E. Resources

Financial Management Handbook

The Financial Management Handbook PDF is the exact same thing as the Financial Management Handbook, just lighter! It includes all the same tables, worksheets, and information just in an electronic format. So feel free to download it, read it, and forward it to your friends and classmates.

Setting Your Goals

The Financial Goals guides take you through the process of realizing, classifying, and organizing your goals. Remember that these goals aren't just related to your current finances but will have a BIG impact on your next few years and even the rest of your life!

Creating Your Budget

This budget template will help you in creating your own personalized budget. Use it to take control of your personal finances!

Financial Term Glossary

This glossary reference can be your first resource when trying to understand the various terms used in personal finance. The more you know the better prepared you will be!